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Fair Bear loves a good fact and always tells great stories. He has added some of his favourites below.



Broads Fact

The Wherry Albion is one of the last two remaining trading wherries built specifically for the Broads

Broads Fact

In 2016 we have carried 74,839 people on our day time river trips

Broads Fact

In 2016 919 children enjoyed our Santa Cruises

Broads Fact

In 2016 we carried 1690 dogs on our river trips

Broads Fact

In 2016 we hired 10,846 day boats

Broads Fact

The Broads is the size of 2416 football pitches

Broads Fact

One of the Broads is called Turkey Broad

Story of the Broads

In Medieval times people needed fuel to burn to heat their homes and to cook their food.
The Vikings brought the idea of digging peat out of the ground which is then dried out and burned. Peat is formed when plants die and fall to the ground over hundreds of years these partly rotted plants squash together.

Towards the end of the 14th century the climate was changing and sea levels began to rise.
All the HUGE holes in the ground where the peat had been dug from then began to FLOOD leaving our Broads!

Nowadays people love to boat on the water or to take picnics on the Broads

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