Boat building is well underway on our new flagship cruiser – The Entrepreneur.

We are panelling the ceiling of the central saloon.  We have cut the panelling to size and are currently hammering lugs into the panelling so that it can be attached to lug holes being drilled into the ceiling of the saloon, as shown in the pictures below:


Hammering lug into the saloon ceiling panelling



Drilling holes into the ceiling of saloon for the lugs 

We have also soft lined much of the panelling on the side walls of the Entrepreneur as shown in these pictures:



The soft lining ready to be fitted 

Fitting the soft lining 


Soft lining is complete 

Many of the draws and cupboards are being fitted in the stern and aft bedrooms as you can see from these pictures:



Fitting the bedroom units 

We are also fitting the doorway panelling to the en suite shower and toilet rooms in the stern bedroom, as shown below:


Building the doorway panelling to en-suite 

The next step for the boat builders will be to fit the flooring, galley and windows.  Watch this space for an update!