Norfolk Broads Boat Hire in Winter

The Norfolk Broads are the perfect destination for a boating holiday or cottage holiday in summer. The warm weather, long days, and lively wildlife set the scene for the perfect getaway.

But what if we told you that winter on the Norfolk Broads is just as magical? 2020 for many meant postponed holidays and staycations, which might be why you’re here reading this whilst looking for the perfect winter break. What if we told you that even as the mornings grow frostier and the nights draw in, there’s still plenty to see and do around our beloved national park?

From pike fishing to long walks and cruising wide-open waterways, there’s so much to enjoy. Indeed, there’s more than a few good reasons to join the birds who migrate to the Broads for winter. We’ve even increased bookings through to November on our Norfolk Broads boating holidays this year to cater for popular demand.

So Why Should I Visit the Norfolk Broads in Winter?

Winter on the Broads certainly has its benefits. It is quieter than the warmer months, wildlife thrives and some guests love the tranquillity it brings.

Of course if sunshine and alfresco dining is more your thing, perhaps you should stick to the summer! Our bookings for Norfolk Broads Cruisers are already well underway for 2021 if you prefer the sunshine (although we can’t 100% guarantee that!).

Visitors to the Broads in winter can look forward to cosy fireside meals in nearby pubs, heritage railway trips, museum visits, and seal watching by the coast. Plenty of cycle routes are also open during the winter to provide an attractive and active alternative to sight-seeing. (Of course we advise checking individual company policies before heading to these attractions.)

Will I see Wildlife During Winter on the Norfolk Broads?

It should also be mentioned that there are plenty of birds to look out for in winter. In particular, the Norfolk Broads are home to marsh harriers, mistle thrushes, as well as barn and tawny owls throughout the colder months. When it comes to land roving creatures, there’s a very good chance you’ll spot the occasional Chinese water deer or otter enjoying the quieter waters.

Can I Fish On the Norfolk Broads in Winter?

Providing you have a licence you are certainly able to fish during winter. The cooler months prove popular for pike fishing. A selection of our waterside homes allow you to fish almost directly from your door.

Defined by crisp mornings, remarkable sunrises and still waters, winter on the Broads is the very definition of picturesque. Of course, when it comes to boating in such fine surroundings, it’s a little tougher going than boating in summer. Colder conditions mean that you’re going to be up against the elements rather than mooring up to enjoy a cold pint from any of the fine establishments along the waterside.

This isn’t to suggest that a boating holiday on the Broads in winter is any less of a remarkable experience than a summer getaway, though. In fact, you’ll get to enjoy a winter wonderland that very few people have seen for themselves. It may also please you to know that you’re also less likely to be competing for moorings at this time of year!

Can I Hire a Day Boat in Winter?

Throughout the winter, the day boats from our sister company Broads Tours are available to hire during weekdays only, weather and daylight hours permitting.

If you’d rather look out across the Broads in winter than get caught up in the middle of it, then a winter cottage holiday on the Broads will be just the thing. Allowing you to keep warm and toasty whilst enjoying the scenery outside, our cottages are positioned along the waterside to provide you with the ideal lookout spot in winter. They all boast a complete range of facilities to keep everyone entertained, too.

In many ways, our cottages present a great opportunity to make a group booking to get the entire family or a big gathering of friends together for a winter holiday to remember!

Whatever you decide to do, you can be confident that your visit to the Norfolk Broads in the winter will be a memorable one.