Introducing the news that you have all been waiting for; the new hull has been named.

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After much careful consideration and taking into account all of your great suggestions. The boat is going to be called:

Fair Entrepreneur!!!

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This is a name which is synonymous with the history of Faircraft Loynes. Fair Entrepreneur was a class of boats in three sizes 35, 40 and 46 feet they were all built and finished in the same style.

In fact our Fair Regals were called Fair Entrepreneur 35. The Fair Entrepreneurs 40 and 46 went to Herbert Woods and are still in their fleet (although under slightly different names).

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These pictures of the original Fair Entrepreneur 35, 40 and 46 classes are from the Norfolk Broads Direct 1998 brochure, just look at how much has changed!

The Fair Entrepreneur will be ready for the start of the 2017 boating holiday season.

This is a very exciting time for us here at Norfolk Broads Direct, come back soon for more updates on Fair Entrepreneur and the Fair Commissioners.