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First and last night moorings

Planning your first and last night moorings in advance will ensure your holiday runs smoothly and without any stress!

Where to moor on your first and last nights with Norfolk Broads Direct

These are a few of our suggestions on where to moor on the first and last night of your Norfolk Broads boating holiday. The first night can feel rushed depending on when you arrive so a local mooring may suit you. On your last morning, you’ll need to make sure you’re back at the Norfolk Broads Direct boatyard to check out on time so you may find it easier to moor locally the night before. Of course, you are free to plan your moorings as you wish!


Norfolk Broads Direct Boatyard (Free)
We’ve got a fantastic location in the heart of the Broads so don’t be afraid to hang around for your first night, or come back early and enjoy your last meal in Wroxham to save a rush on your last morning. Moor Stern on.


Wroxham Island (Free)
Secluded moorings on the river side of Wroxham Island. Two sections available, only 20 minutes from the NBD boat yard. Side-on moorings. See our Map of the Broads for map location.


Salhouse Broad (£10 overnight, £5 day or £2 for an hour)
Only 40 minutes from the boat yard and a 20 minute walk up to the villages of Salhouse and Woodbastwick for pubs and shops. Stern on moorings.


Horning: Perci’s Island, (£8 overnight, £4 day)
Opposite Swan Inn with no access to Horning village (unless you have a dinghy). 1hr 30mins from NBD. Side on moorings.


Horning Staithe (Free)
There are only a few spaces so you need to get to this mooring early in peak season. There are plenty of food and shopping options in this quaint broadside village. About 1hr 30mins from NBD. Moor side on.


Horning: Swan Inn, New Inn, Ferry Inn (Fees charged by pub can be waived if you eat in the pub)
These moorings are directly outside the pubs in Horning. In some cases, double mooring may be permitted. The Swan Inn and Ferry Inn are about 1hr 30mins from NDB. The Ferry Inn is about 1hr 45mins from NDB. Moor side on at Swan Inn and Ferry Inn. Moor Stern on at New Inn.


You MUST use the Bridge Pilot to go through Wroxham Bridge, although access through Wroxham Bridge is dependant on vessel height and tides.

Hoveton St John (Free) or Hoveton Viaduct (Free)
Both of these moorings are upstream of Wroxham Bridge. Hoveton St John is about a minute through Wroxham Bridge and the Viaduct moorings are a few minutes up stream from that. Timings will depend on the Bridge Pilot bringing the boat back and in peak season there may be a delay. The Bridge Pilot will pick the boat up from Hoveton St John moorings in order to bring it back through the Bridge. Once the Pilot is on board, it will take around 10 minutes to get back to NBD.


Coltishall Common (Free)
If you have the time you could head straight to Coltishall Common on your first day and moor for access to the pubs and village. About 1hr 30mins from NBD.