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Sustainable Living

Sustainable living on the Norfolk Broads

We’re committed to sustainable tourism on the Broads so even if you’re enjoying your holiday on the Norfolk Broads for just a week, or a few days, if we all make an effort to protect this beautiful landscape and habitat it will be there for people to enjoy for generations.

The Fat Trap

Fats from cooking that enter our rivers and Broads will break down eventually, however, this process will use lots of oxygen and potentially block up the pipes, as it would at home.

Please use the Fat Trap in your boat to collect your waste fat, oil, grease, gravy etc. From everyday frying, roasting and cooking.

Please do not put cooking fats down the sink.

When you return the boat, we will collect the fat from the Fat Trap and empty it into our waste container where it will be disposed of according to relevant legislation.

Our Fat Traps are purchased from LessMess.co.uk, perhaps you might like one for your home? Or you could reuse an old jar or tub to collect any fat, oil or grease.

Alternatively, you could contact your local water authority who are usually keen to help prevent grease-based blockages!


Phosphate Free

Phosphates are not good for the water system as they lead to an over-enrichment of the ecosystem, causing bioaccumulation – lots of algae – to grow.

One thing that we can do is use phosphate-free products on board the boats.

When you shower, do the washing up or use the sink in the bathroom, the water then empties straight out of the boat and into the river. Don’t worry though, all toilet waste is collected on board, ready for a pump out.

Products such as washing up liquid, soap, shampoo and body wash all end up in the river.

We provide a small bottle of Ecover washing up liquid for use on our holiday, which is phosphate-free. Please leave this on board for the next customers.


Navigating your boat

Your hire cruiser will have minimal impact on the environment if navigated responsibly.

Keeping to speed limits and not creating excess wash will minimise bank erosion and the silting up of the waterways.

Excess wash can also be harmful to the wildlife; some water birds such as the Great Crested Grebe and the Coot build floating nests along the edges of the rivers and Broads. The wash from boats can destroy these nests or wash eggs and vulnerable chicks into the water.

Fuel Efficiency
Help the environment by making efficient use of fuel

Travel with the tide: this will use less fuel to achieve the same speed.

Shore Power – (if fitted to your cruiser – please check in our brochure, online or enquire on arrival)
Shore power will supply your on-board domestic items and charge the batteries at the same time, without the need to run your engine in the early hours or during the evening, thus encouraging peaceful moorings.

Always use shore power whenever possible. Electric cards are available to purchase on arrival.